APPLE: IOS7 update

Apple will begin to roll out iOS 7, its mobile operating system. Deployment times will be staggered throughout the day. Best time may be around 6pm.

This is a major upgrade! iOS 7 is a redesign of the way the operating system looks, with Apple moving away from the natural-texture, 3D design to a more modern, flatter look.

There are also many new features, as is often the case with an updated iOS.

Steps to prepare:

Clean out the clutter.

  • Remove apps you don’t use
  • Offload pictures and video to your computer
  • Maybe even delete music you never play. This frees up space on your device.
  • The upgrade require 3.1 GB of free space to install

Update your device if you haven’t lately.

  • Make sure all your apps are updated as well.

Back up your device.

  • Connect your device to your computer via iTunes and sync it, even if you usually rely on wireless syncing and backup. This will provide you with a backup stored on your hard drive. Wireless syncing may be convenient, but syncing via cable is much faster, and gives you a copy of the backup that’s in your control.

Get the latest version of iTunes.

  • If you don’t already have the current version of iTunes, you can download it here or run Apple’s Software Update. It’s often required if you want to download and install a new version of iOS via a cabled connection.

While it’s tempting to grab iOS 7 right away, it may be smarter to wait a few days and keep an eye on online iOS discussion forums for widespread problems that appear.

Warning: Downgrading back to IOS6 maybe impossible!



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